About SofterSilk
"Life is short. Wear nice undies!"

SofterSilk began in 2000 as an eBay store specializing in hard-to-find undies. I was actually an ecommerce pioneer, selling on eBay in 1998.

Today, we are an internet-only corporation based in Birmingham, Michigan.

All of us here at SofterSilk are metro-Detroiters. We cherish fine American quality and manufacturing. It's been horrible to see it leave, and it's thrilling to see all the baby steps to bringing it back.

Our passion for American products is at the heart of our commitment to the brands we choose. Wherever possible, we offer "Made in USA". But even when it's not available anymore, our brands support American designers and more.

Besides American, we only offer products.with longstanding reputations for quality, style and value.

Most of our offerings are unique to us. We find discontinued styles and colors, hard-to-find companies and "new old stock" from backrooms of factories and stores. We don't take business away from local Michigan retail shops.

We deliver to you in complete privacy in packages not marked as from an apparel company. The return label says "SSLTD".

Please come in and browse our site! Thank you!


Donna Klein, SofterSilk owner

PS - that cute curlytop is me in 1959, on the beach in Ocean City, NJ.