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Our Pictures

You may have noticed the vintage pictures throughout the site and wondered about them.  Here's the story:

The company's owner, Donna, was looking for a unique way to convey the classic and American style that SofterSilk offers.  Digging through old family albums, Donna found the treasure-troves of true vintage glam, courtesy of her mom, Doris, and her dad, Bruce, who loved to photograph her. Thank goodness.

Every vintage photo on the site is the real deal: snapshots from Bruce's camera, stashed away in albums and boxes for years, treasures of an era of glam and style, with a heavy dose of cigarettes and cocktails.  Time spans and locations are:

* Mid-1940's and early 1950's in Ocean City, New Jersey
* 1957 - 1965 in Minnetonka and Excelsior, Minnesota

(Photos are Copyright SofterSilk, LTD and may not be downloaded or reproduced without permission.)

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